Inventors Room, full of imagination

In our Pre-school room we see each and every child as a competent learner. We embrace the individuality of each child and guide and support them through their unique way of learning.

We encourage independence by letting them take the lead in their choices, whilst merely offering the equipment, activities and mentoring from our friendly team. This will allow them to acquire valuable life skills from an early age, which is key for a child’s development and learning.

We encourage each child to use their imagination when making decisions by planning exciting tasks, so that each child can reach their highest potential.

In ChildsPlay Pre-school room we believe in taking ‘measured risks,’ for example climbing, jumping, soft play or using equipment safely. We introduce measured risks into your child’s daily routine, helping them become aware of boundaries, enabling confidence in their own ability and again allowing them to have a sense of independence whilst still be guided.
All of these life skills under pin our practice, setting the path for a healthy, safe and positive attitude towards life.


Areas of play are designed to encourage learning in a fun, friendly and supportive environment

Play Areas

Great facilities for your child’s social and physical skills


Our staff are qualified and all staff are enhanced DBS checked


Your children’s education and wellfare are our main priorities


We have experienced and trained staff to meet the needs of children with additional needs.


Friendly staff committed to your child’s development